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Temple Design And Deity

The temple is built in Dravidian architectural style. The temple posse's vast courtyards spacious hall and sculptural pillars with cement.
The garba graham is made with enshrining big sized black granite idol of lord sddhi ,budhi ,sameja vinayaga with mouse. several mandaps are installed with adorable deities like durga devi,lord hanuman placing on the left valli deivanai, sameda Subramanian and on right lord Ayyappan made of five metal idol like the idol of the sabari malai. The rules and regulation underlines the principles of Sabarimalai Idol .

Lord dhakshina moorthi (guru bagwan) takes his place on the right side of lord iyyappa. In the back of vinayagar garba graha lord shiva, lord nagarajar and nagamma shiva linga is place under the pimple tree. Navgrihas are placed in the right side of the temple attracting devotees from all over the places with several devotional activities conducted throughout the year for all the dieties.

The temple top is constructed with raja gopuram at a height of 45 feet from the ground sculptured with 80 dolls of deities in gopuram rajagopuram are the special treat for eyes, 19 feet cement idols of hanuman also reminds the history of Ramayana mentioning the war in Srilanka on the Rajagopuram


Raja Gopurams is the biggest structure built for Ganesh Temple in Dharavi Mumbai with southern architectural style .